CD Notes

This CD contains over 400 files representing Chris Horton's artwork and writing, spanning five decades. It is an extensive, though not total, representation of his life's work.

The CD is 200M. You can view the works directly on this CD without copying them to your computer. Artwork names are specified in italics. Untitled and unknown works have been given logical names as identifiers.

Some of Chris's original works are for sale. If you are interested, email Sherry at

Chris worked with his good friend and colleague, Peter McLean, on some of his most significant pieces - their joint entries for various national memorial design contests, including commemorations of 9/11, Kent State, and the Vietnam War. Chris and Peter also recently collaborated on a Salem Witchcraft memorial work, in progress.

Toby Horton hung the restrospective show with assistance from Barbara DiOrio, Hiro Fukawa, and Peter McLean. Dave Robbins provided the restrospective show photographs on this CD. Dave and Natalie Moore designed the show postcard.

On behalf of Chris's family, I hope you enjoy his work.

Josh Horton
December, 2005