2016 Important Updates and News:

           The 10/15/16 Chris Horton Legacy Show opening saw a great turnout; thanks to all for attending (from as far away as the UK)!
            The show runs through 10/30/16 at the University of Hartford Art School's Silpe Gallery. You can also order original artwork (and
             some prints) to benefit the Chris Horton Scholarship Fund! See the (Price List) and contact sherryhorton9@gmail.com for inquiries.

              Sherry's Witness Chair memoir has been published! (September 1, 2016)
               You can Order Sherry's book or attend a Book Signing Event (October 15, 2016).
                 And you can attend the Chris Horton Legacy Show! (Through October 30, 2016)


                     Photographs by Chris Horton, Toby Horton and Dave Robbins.
                      Retrospective show by Toby Horton and Peter McLean.
                       Website by Josh Horton. Postcard by Natalie Moore.
                        Articles copyright respective authors.