WITCH’S KEYHOLE (with Peter McLean). 1992.


Witches were able to gain access through the smallest crack or hole in a house or room. Locks were of no use in preventing their onslaught and one could be confronted any time and any where. Pinched, poked, speared, pushed, pulled, stretched, bitten, thrown down and tossed about to force acceptance of the devil’s covenants, some victims converted to his side and signed away their lives in his evil book; hundreds of others were constantly harassed.

The predominate violators of Massachusetts “keyholes” were specters: specters of friends, neighbors, relatives and unknown persons who had capitulated to Satan and come to capture the bodies and souls of all citizens in his unholy war for America. Most unwelcome guests, there seemed to be no escape from the witches except through their extermination.