God's Sperm. Circa 1990.


It is solicited in the corridors of power, influence and high achievement by bright and attractively dressed young medical assistants who distribute small test tubes to voluntary donors.

These men retire to their private chambers and when they have accomplished the job, they tie a small ribbon to the outer door-knob of their office, indicating success and readiness for retrieval.

While donations are not limited in frequency, in fact each batch can sustain a large number of inseminations. In itself, the enhancement of the gene pool at large, by multiple use of high quality sperm, from genetically superior individuals bodes well for the improvement of society and civilization at large.

As Dr. Frances Deems, a supervisor of the Pasadena, CA sperm bank has put it: “What woman would not be proud and thrilled at the opportunity to receive a donation from one of the corporate, political, financial or intellectual gods of our culture; with the subsequent promise of quality offspring and personal participation in enhancement of the human stock?”

Deems further indicated that both donors and recipients undergo a rigorous and extensive screening process.