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   January 22, 2005
Dear Sherry, Josh, and Toby,
We are deeply saddened with the loss of Chris, a long-time dear friend. The wonderful times we spent together, Sherry, at Colby and in Suffield are treasured in my heart. Chris's art has always been a central part of our lives since your generous wedding gift almost 39 years ago. Chris has loved and been well-loved by each of you in so many ways. The holes in your hearts and lives are testiments to the great love all of you shared. We grieve with you and send you much love. Bunny and Ron McEldowney
   Bunny and Ron McEldowney (Evergreen, CO )

   January 21, 2005
Thanks so much for alerting me to this wonderful guest book site. Who knew that computer technology could offer grief counseling, as well as allowing all of us a new way to continue to honor Chris.

I want to add my oh-too-few-but-well-meaning e-words to Chris's archive, because I need to let you know that out here in cyberland (and beyond) I continue to think about you and Chris (and your family). I am sending you my love and support as you navigate your way through these cyberspace nuggets of gold.

How amazing is it not only to be able to keep Chris on your walls (and in the barn) and in your mind, but to also be able to keep his memories alive HERE - in computerland? What utter technological joy!

Stay strong - and let our e-words continue to give you hope and strength. Know, also, that I rewrote this little piece about 350 times. Love, Sharron
   Sharron Freeman (West Hartford, CT )

   January 21, 2005
Dear Sherry, Toby, and Josh. My heart goes out to you all, knowing that Chris is always near and comforting you. Chris was one of the most powerful influences in the Hartford Art School---certainly a leader to all who knew him.I remember him so fondly for his blustery speeches in the cafeteria when Doris, Peter, Chris, Mikki, --whoever happened to be around that day would troop over for lunch. Always a lot to say, always sweet and gentle underneath the bluster, and always a loving friend. I will miss him.
   Betty Angell (G, MA )

   January 21, 2005
I can't express enough, the vacuum I am experiencing over the loss of my dear friend and colleague Chris Horton. Our close friendship spanned forty years with so many wonderful collaborations in art making and teaching. He remains the most profound artist/teacher and mentor that I have ever experienced. As a humanist, his impact on art students over the years was collossal. Our deepest sympathies go out to Sherry, Josh, Toby, and family.
Peter and Lene McLean
   Peter Mclean (Worthington, MA )

   January 19, 2005
Sherry and sons,

Chris will be greatly missed by all of us who worked with him and came to know him. He was a force to be reckoned with and he truly left his mark on generations of artists, who went through the Hartford Art School. God Bless you all.
   Stephen Keller (Wethersfield, CT )

   January 19, 2005
I am privileged to have studied with Chris in the Hartford Art School Graduate Program 1993-95. He was a mentor, a friend, and one of the finest people and very best teachers I ever knew. My studio was in the "floodroom" of the Collins Co, and under his guiding hand, I had that place filled with Sculpture. He was an advocate of infusing humor, humanity and intelligence in the work, always clear, always challenging and good for the soul. Chris, I will miss you greatly, and thank you, and wish you peace.
   Shawn Orr (Dallas, TX )

   January 18, 2005
josh, toby and mrs. horton - I think I can truly say I understand your pain, sense of loss, but also the indescribable feeling you get when reading these notes people have left saying the most wonderful things about the man you all loved. It literally takes your breath away. My memory of josh’s dad (big chris as we liked to call him) isn’t so much a moment, but a presence. Very rarely did he miss a sporting event his kids were participating in. By the size of him, you always noticed him, but he had such a way about being out of the way. Never vocal, but always supporting not only his kids, but all the other kids playing. A true gentle giant and a man of his word.
I say this next part with a smile and a tear. I hope big chris and my dad (dicker) are meeting in the morning for a match of FRIENDLY racquetball.
So sorry – keith (del)
   Keith D'Alessandro (Charlotte (always farmington), NC )

   January 15, 2005
-Sherry, I wish you and your family peace in this time of change. -Chris, in many ways you were like a father to me. Yes, you were a great teacher, one of the best. I am forever grateful.
   marlo marrero (farmington, CT )

   January 14, 2005
I knew Mr. Horton best as I grew up with his son Josh...he was a quiet and calming influence on our journey through adolescence (even down at the Farmington police station one fateful night). Later, after returning back to New England several years after high school and college, I was fortunate enough to witness the revelry of Mr. Horton playing the "Art Avenger" and his friends telling stories about him, his career and a jab or two about his idiosyncracies that only friends know about. That was the day I saw Mr. Horton in a different light. I saw how much others enjoyed his company and they hung on his every word, if for no other reason than to rib him about an opinion expressed or view explored. He brought a great deal of joy to a great many people. I was fortunate enough to be one of those who knew him. Jennifer, Kai and I send our thoughts out to Mrs. Horton, Josh and Toby.
   Marc Vendetti (Middletown, CT )

   January 14, 2005
I continue to be struck by the number of people, many of whom I have never heard of, who tell us that Dad did great things for them in one way or another. Thank you for sharing with us these hidden gifts that Dad provided. He was a humble and private man, so we never heard much about his deeds. In the spirit of reciprocity ... When I was four or five, I fell through a fort in the backyard and smashed my ankle on some bricks. Dad hustled out to the scene, wrapped my ankle, carried me to his station wagon, and rushed me - to the toy store!! Bravo Dad!!
   Josh Horton (Hyde Park, NY )

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