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   January 13, 2005
To everyone who has written here: We--Josh, Toby, and I--just today discovered this Guest Book! And I wanted to write and thank you for your kind words about our dear Chris. While his death has left an enormous emptiness in our lives, your memories help us to savor his great gifts, his devotion to art and to his students and friends, his prodigious intellect and of course his humor, gentleness, and his sweetness. We are deeply grateful that this particular man was at the center of our lives. That reality is the one thing that hasn't changed. Thank you.
   Sherry Horton (Unionville, CT )

   January 7, 2005
Our brother has fallen. Chris Horton, for more than forty years the intellect, moral compass, and keeper of our combined righteous indignation, was a fellow founder of what became, The Factory Five...Knaus, McLean, Bengtsson, Robbins...and Horton. Nurtured each "Thursday at Wick's"...our collective friendship was incalculable...his loss to us...the same. I called him, Orso, "bear" in Italian - and why not! Too, I teased him about being educated at Amherst College..."What sort of a school is THAT for an artist??" Were he not the very archtype of a feeling thoughtful artist..I'd have NEVER joked with him like that... Besides, who'd mess with a guy called, "Orso!"

Brother Dave Robbins.
   David Robbins (Granby, CT )

   January 7, 2005
"I'd love to hear what Chris Horton would have to say about this" has been an elemental part of my life for the past 23 years.....and counting. I was given the gift of being one of his students during the mid-80's, and further graced with a continued correspondence and cherished friendship. I think of him often, and always have, and will invariably continue to do so. I am grateful to have known such a brilliant and giving person.
   Laurann Szpak (Goshen, CT )

   January 7, 2005
I always looked forward to Chris's work in
the faculty shows at Hartford. As a young
artist, to witness Chris's combination of
intellectual prowness and emotion proved
to be an invaluable experience. Thank-you.
   Andrew Prayzner

   January 7, 2005
I was deeply saddened to learn of Chris' passing. Chris was certainly the strongest advocate of "play" in art and life that I was priviledged to meet. And for that gift I will forever be grateful.
   Charles Dube (East Longmeadow, MA )

   January 6, 2005
I still think about this man , every day.I loved him very much, he was never afraid to speak his mind, he educated me better than well dear friend.
   Gregory Nangle (Philadelphia, PA )

   January 6, 2005
I will always remember Chris's kindness, generosity and wisdom.
   Ian Pitcher (Royersford, PA )

   January 5, 2005
I was one of Chris's students 1993-1997 at Hartford Art School. Chris inspired me to become a teacher. I have him to thank for much of my development as a teacher and artist.
   Jessica (Russo) Perry (Maplewood, NJ )

   January 5, 2005
Chris Horton was a brilliant professor. He had such an impact on my life when I was a young art student studying under him. I will never forget his fire and cutting edge intellect. I am blessed to have known him.
My condolences and love goes out to Sherry and the rest of his family.
   Mitch Rosenberg (Lowell, MA )

   January 5, 2005
Chris was a teacher and a colleague of mine at the Art School. I learned so much from him over the years, I can't begin to assess the impact he has made in my life. His enthusiasm and intellectual rigor was contagious and his generosity, a wellspring. We will all miss him dearly.
   gene gort (collinsville, CT )

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